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 Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau (UMMB) is a national organization established by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) in 1999 to coordinate activities of Uganda Muslim health facilities. UMMB has direct supervisory mechanism to ensure that health facilities under its jurisdiction abide by the guidelines and standards set by the Ministry of Health. 

The Bureau coordinates the activities of all member health facilities and is the main link between these facilities, government, and other stakeholders. UMMB also provides advocacy for support to member facilities from government and other development partners.  Channels donor funding to member facilities, facilitates coordination between member facilities, communicates health regulations and standards from government, training of member facilities’ staff on issues related to health and other topics to 

ensure that standards are followed and regular support supervision to assess needs and provide resources where possible.

The membership of the bureau consists of Muslim-Founded, Private-Not for profit (PNFP) health institutions and organizations that are involved in health care and working for the cause of Islam and the large Ugandan population. Currently the bureau membership consists of 5 hospitals, 2 HCIVs, 37 HCIIIs and 18 HCIIs. Totalling to 69 PNFP facilities and two health training institutions under its umbrella. 

The leadership and governance of the bureau comprise of a 13-member board that is appointed by the secretary General of UMSC subject to approval by the General Assembly at the Annual general Meeting. The day-to-day management of the bureau is done by the Executive Secretary, who is accountable to the board.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.” Quran surah Al-Mai dah 5:32

Objectives of the Bureau

Functions of the Bureau

Specific services provided to members

The UMMB strategic Plan Development Process

The UMMB 2022-2026 Strategic Plan was developed through a participatory process that brought key stakeholders on board. A core writing team was set up from UMMB and Uganda Health System Strengthening (UHSS) Activity that provided technical support to develop the plan. A review of existing national policies, plans and frameworks was done to inform the strategic plan, which included Vision 2040, the NDP III, HSDP, MoH strategic plan 2020/21 – 2024/25, the UMMB annual work plans, annual reports, among others.

UMMB has worked with and received funding from the following organisations: