Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau (UMMB)

Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau (UMMB) is a national organization established by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) in 1999 to coordinate activities of Uganda Muslim health facilities. The UMMB has direct supervisory mechanism to ensure that health facilities under its jurisdiction abide by the guidelines and standards set by the Ministry of Health. 

The Bureau coordinates activities of all member health facilities and is the main link between these facilities, government, and other stakeholders.

Objectives of the Bureau

To supervise all health programs undertaken by all member health facilities.

To coordinate all health matters among member health facilities

To advise and guide member facilities on matters concerning promotion, curative, and preventive health.

To provide a platform for member facilities for the initiation, influencing on change of policies and actions that favour and promote Muslim service delivery.

To be an overall umbrella through which all health-related matters within the community are addressed.

To strengthen the linkage between UMMB, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) and member facilities.

Our Vision

We envision a Uganda with an efficient health care system that promotes the quality of life of all people.

Our Mission

Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau is dedicated to ensure an improved health care delivery system in all the member health facilities through advocacy, quality assurance, coordination and capacity building based on Islamic principles.

Our Core Values

In performing its mission, the following core values guide the decisions and actions of UMMB: 

  • We dedicate ourselves to observe Islamic ethics in all that we do
  •  We have an obligation to ensure quality service in everything we do
  •  We strive to ensure a high sense of accountability and transparency in our dealing with our clients and partners
  •  We believe in team work
  • We acknowledge and leverage diversity
  •  We believe in sustainable development interventions

What we do


Cancer Screening & Prevention

Cancer screening and prevention is one of our crucial aspects of healthcare, and integrating them...


UMMB has a functional IT department with an IT staff to support health facilities, availability...

Resource Mobilization And Strategic Partnerships

The UMMB has enhanced financial mobilization and more partners like USAID, CDC, MILDMAY, ENABEL/BTC, Uganda...

Operational Management & Service Delivery

The UMMB conducts regular monitoring and support supervision of member health facilities and other institutions...

HIV Care & Treatment Services Under UMMB

By December 2022 a total of 9,381 clients were active on treatment from the 32...

Digital Media Updates


Due to reasons beyond our control and in line with streamlining our communication between partners and service providers, with this in mind, we recreate to inform you that our email address has changed to Email:  for all future communication purposes. Our new email system offers advanced features and improved security measures, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.  Kindly take this matter and promptly and update your contact information with our new email address.